About Elijah

Why We Started Flicker Photo Booth

                                            Our youngest son Elijah, is in the Autism Spectrum. We as parents                                                   wanted to find a way to get him out of his comfort zone and to teach                                                 him life skills. Responsibility of running a business, Socialization                                                   Skills of interacting with different people/personalities and the feeling of Self Worth that comes with getting paid for the work he has done. Flicker Photo Booth isn't just another photo booth, its our way of giving our son a chance of learning skills that will assist him one day in making a living for himself. The unemployment rate amongst young adults in the Autism Spectrum is staggering. We don't want him to rely on anyone but himself to make a living, so he could be in control of his own future. We are very proud of what Elijah has accomplished in a short time working the photo booth. He is more confident, he looks forward to going to events and he wants to constantly take on new responsibilities working the booth. We know that he has unlimited potential and working in the photo booth, will give him some of the important skills he needs to pursue his future dreams.