10 Things to Know before Renting a Photo Booth

#1 Image Quality

Sadly, a lot of photo booth companies aren’t professional photographers and don’t understand how the photography side of the photo booth works. This can result in poor lighting and blurry images. Make sure that your photo prints are sharp and well lit. A good indication of this is looking at galleries that the photo booth company post online.

#2 Open Air Booth vs. Inflatable Booth

Consider what kind of party you are having and what venue your going to be at. The Inflatable Booth is only meant for indoor use and also adds a little privacy, in case you are shy about posing with a line of people watching you!  But an Open Air Booth is good for outdoor and indoor usage and is great for larger group shots and is more interactive with the whole party.

#3 Who’s Operating the booth?

It might be a lot cheaper, but don’t hire a drop-off and pick-up company. You want a trained booth operator attending the booth in case something goes wrong.  Also, an attendant managing the prop table to keep it organized. The right attendants can also make the photo booth experience more memorable for all your guest.

#4 Read the Reviews

Always read the reviews to see what people are saying about the company. Bad reviews are a good indication of dissatisfied clients. I like to read the best review and the worst review before making a decision on anything. If the majority of reviews are favorable then its a good be they will do a good job.


#5 Pricing

When it comes to photo booths, you often get what you pay for. Someone with cheap equipment and less experience wont charge as much as someone that is an experienced photographer. Usually paying more, means getting all the bells and whistles and will give you a piece of mind. Do they charge by the amount of people or by the amount of hours?

#6 How Much Time do you Need?

It’s tempting when booking to book the cheaper package with less time, but will that give your guests time to get through the booth? Guest at events don’t usually line up together and all get their photos taken at once. 3 hours is usually sufficient to get all the guests a turn, but 4 hours is even better. The first half hour people are usually getting situated and waiting for someone to get the party started. 

#7 Can I Customize the film strips for the event/theme?

If you have a corporate party or a very customized party, you might want to consider how much it can be customized. We have multiple options for customization including: film strips, preview screens, props and signs. We can customize the experience to suit your needs.

#8 Props

Are you getting actual props or print out paper on a stick? If it matters to you, you might want to keep that in mind. We create our own props in house making them unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Not just paper that everyone else uses night after night with the bends and tears!

#9 Lighting & Image Sharpness

Being a photographer, lighting and image sharpness is my top priority. You don’t want photos that are overexposed (too bright leaving a glare on your skin), or underexposed (too dark leaving skin looking muddy). Most photo booth companies put the camera on auto, the flash on auto and the focus on auto. We train our operators to never use auto for anything, this will only get you bad results. Our operators know how to get a good exposure and image sharpness. Do they use a DLSR or a webcam? Do they use a dye sub printer or a home inkjet printer? 

#10 Do They have Insurance

What can go wrong? Oh, please! This is probably the most important event of your life. Your Venue, Caterer, Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and even your cake vendor will most likely have insurance. It is just as important that your photo booth entertainment does as well. Are you hiring a professional or an amateur? 

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