What makes Flicker Photo Booth different from all other Booths?

There are several factors the differenciate us from the rest. The owner of the company is a Seasoned Professional Photograper with over 27 years experience. This is a big plus, considering other photo booth operators have little to no experience behind a camera or purchased a franchise, and some are just doing it on a part-time basis. We also, invested in the latest in technology to run the booth. Lighting, Camera, Software, Computer and Commercial grade printer (dye sub). Your guest may be taking the photos, but we create a professional environment for them to get the best possible lighting and resolution, this in turn will create great results. 

Why do we need a photo booth if we already have a photographer?

For events such as Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Etc... once in a lifetime events, you definitely need a photographer for getting all event photos. However the photo booth is not just a way of capturing images of people doing things and acting out of character, but it s a great form of entertainment. You get to enjoy your special occasion and look back at the images created by the booth later, that you normally would have missed. Its a great reminder of how fun your event really was. 

How long does it take to receive our photos after event?

We do our best to get you your images within 4-5 business days. We go the extra mile and do cropping of images for every event, and depending on our work load sometimes its faster and sometimes it takes a couple more days. 

What amount of space is required for the Booth?

We offer two booth sizes depending on the event and how much space is available. To be on the safe side, it's always best to figure a space of 10x10. If possible the booth should be within 10-15 feet (we always bring extension cords) of electrical outlet and it must be a three pronged. 



Do we pay separately for props? 

As part of our service we provide props based on the theme of your event. That said, you are paying the service that we provide not the props themselves. The host of the event will be responsible, if any of the guest steal or destroy props intentionally. Props are not cheap and this is part of our business. Every event we go to, we fill the table with a good variety of props. 

How does Flicker Photo Booth work? 

Anyone that is going to get photos done needs to choose props to suite their personality. Next, everyone who is going to be in the photos need to go into the booth.Then, using our touch screen, they need to decide if they want to do the photos in color or black and white. Last, they will need to strike a pose and have fun. When the guest are done capturing their fun side, they leave the booth and pick up their photos. As easy as 1,2,3 and 4. 

Do we get Unlimited Photos?

Of Course! You and your guest can take unlimited photos for the duration of the event. Unlimited Prints are included in all packages as well, so the fun will never stop for your guests. Clarification of "Unlimited Prints"- means that you and your guests can go through the booth as many times as you like. We do limit each event to two rolls of paper/ink totalling approximately (600) 4x6 prints or approximately (1200) 2x6 prints. We have yet to exceed this amount at any single event. If we do exceed this amount, we will continue to do photo sittings, and you will receive all the additional images, but no additional prints. If you would like that additional prints from the event we will have to charge accordingly. 


Will someone be at the Flicker Booth to maintain it?

Yes, we always have two attendants at every event. They will setup & takedown the photo booth as well as ensure the photo booth runs to perfection. One is the Photo Booth Operator and the other is the Assistant. The Booth Operator operates the Booth and the assistant manages the prop table and assist the Booth Operator. 

Are we able customize a message or theme on each photo strip?

Simple Design- If you provide us with a custom logo (jpeg/png), a personalized message we can use, or we can just print the event name and date. We can print just about anything you want at the bottom of every photo strip and this service is FREE.

Custom Design Photo Strip Services.

We offer custom designed photo strips for each of our events. If you want to provide us with artwork we will send you all the specifications. If you have something in mind we are happy to create a film strip based on your vision. For any reason you want more than one revision, this is considered professional design services and additional design fees will apply

How long does it take to get the photo prints?

The commercial grade printer we use takes approximately 12 seconds. Usually by the time you are out of the booth, the images are ready and waiting.

Do I have my choice of print sizes?

Yes, you have a choice of either printing (1) 4x6 print per session or (2) 2x6 prints per session. If you want additional prints per photo booth session, then there will be an additional charge for extra materials used. We always have the booth set and ready to go at our studio, before it arrives at the event. Whatever is confirmed by the host of the event in advance, is set and ready to go for the Photo Booth Attendants. The attendants cant make changes at the event, thats why everything is done in advance.

Software doesn't allow for print size choices at time of printing.

The size is decided in advance, as well as the amount of prints the machine will do. This cannot be changed at the event. 

Can we have the Booth turned off during dinner?

Yes, we can arrive in time to setup the booth for cocktail hour, and then turn it off dinner.  Any booth downtime is charged as "Standing Time", at $50/hour or there part of. This downtime will not count towards your hours of unlimited photo use. If we arrive 2 hours early to set-up the booth then wait, we will still need to charge the "Standing Time", then we will start the photo booth at the agreed scheduled event time. 

Change of Event Start Time?

For whatever reason that you need to change the start time, we will need 48 hours notice. This will give us enough notice to let our team members know, so they could rearrange their schedules. If you call us the same day or the night before that won't be enough notice to get team members prepared.  


Events that fall on a Holiday?

We do reserve the right to charge more for events that do fall on Legal Holiday's, since most employees would rather be spending time with family and loved ones then work on those days. 

Events that take place out of our normal service area?

We do charge a little more of travel and gas then we normally do. It will take more time to get there and time is money. 

How far in advance do we have to book? 

We recommend booking it as soon as possible to ensure you reserve your date because our schedule fills up quickly.  However, we never like saying no, so if we can make it happen for you we will.



How do I reserve the Flicker Booth?

We require a minimal 50% deposit in order to reserve and hold your special date. The remainder of the balance is due 10 days before your event. It makes it easier to get business out of the way before the actual event. There are no refunds 1 week after our date has been reserved. Refund that does get issued will be less the amount of service/transaction fees from Creditors. We turn down other jobs to hold your special date, by doing so, if you choose to cancel we would loose money from not taking the other jobs as well.  

How do we compare to the competition? 

We take pride in what we do and it shows. You will find lower price photo booths out there saving you 5-10%, but that small savings will cost you in the long run. We offer Quality images, professional lighting and Performance of our booth attendants, to make it fun and entertaining for your guest. Your spending money on this special event once in a lifetime, dont you want to see sharp, professionally lit photos that you can share on social media with those who couldnt attend the event, or later you decide you want to make additional prints for an album. Our prices are all inclusive, so first find out what you are NOT getting from the less expensive companies. There are some excellent photo booth companies and we are competitively priced with them. However even the best of them can't offer full spectrum continuous lighting, high speed commercial quality printers, or professional DSLR cameras.

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